Hey Siri, Run Takeoff Checklist

When iOS 12.0 was released, I noticed the much improved Shortcuts capability and app. This is a free Apple App that enables Siri to both listen (dictate) and speak.  

Thinking that was enough to get Siri to run my departure checklist, I sat down and "coded" a simple example of a departure checklist.  So, we then have a completely voice-activated checklist without purchasing anything.

It requires that your device be connected to data, either cellular data or WiFi, so it's not useful when you are flying, but it's a fun demo for startup, taxi, and departure.

Anyhow find, attached the Shortcut. To activate it import it via Dropbox or another method of your choice. Hook it to a Siri command, "Takeoff Checklist." Connected to power, you can enable, "Hey Siri." It's kinda fun then to say, "Hey Siri, Run Takeoff Checklist." At every step you can say, "done," "check," or whatever you want. At the end Siri will say, "Checklist Complete, have a nice flight." If you say, "Stop," Siri will respond, "Checklist not complete."

Have fun. File is here:http://adelie.net/uploads/files/WCSEstateTaxes/RadnorPropertiesLegal/Takeoff%20Checklist.shortcut.txt