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Welcome to Progress Technical /

Progress Technical is the parent company of 

Paul Stavrides

Security Systems:

  • CCTV Security Systems design and construction
  • Specializing in digital systems
  • Remote access and remote control systems
  • Pan Tilt Zoom and Fixed IP cameras
  • Custom DVR configurations

Corporate Client Services:

  • Zimbra - Zimlet authoring - use Javascript to connect your Zimbra mail system to databases.
  • Facebook® - Applications and Tab Applicaitions - sophisticated, database drive, voting and data entry Apps.
  • Zimbra - Collaboration Suite - iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Synchronization
  • E-Commerce, SSL sites - Magento
  • High capacity Co-Location web sites

Progress Techncal provides consulting services for:

  • E-Commerce
  • Network Infrastructure
  • PC, Mac, and Linux Client configuration and repair
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Website design and programming.
  • E-mail and domain hosting

Provide Drupal Class Project Hosting